Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa

Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa

Project description

Pacific Environments were engaged by Auckland Council to design an extension to the Estuary Arts Centre in Orewa. The popular centre provides “a creative hub for all creatives, whatever age, level or ability.”

Design solution

The final design created a highly functional space with two studios, a gallery, a kiln room, store room and kitchen. In reference to the Estuary setting the building is clad with natural materials, with the combination of plywood cladding and Macrocarpa battens providing the texture and movement. The mono pitched roof features wide overhangs with timber glulam beams cantilevering beyond the exterior walls and high level windows to allow for air circulation & natural light, the deep overhangs also help avoid over heating in summer. A large picture window faced in oversized Macrocarpa sleepers provides a stunning view from studio 1 over the Estuary. The generous deck area & steps provide a direct connection between the studios and the Western Reserve beyond.

Community engagement

The ability for the centre to be financially sustainable was fundamental to the project. The extension to the existing building significantly strengthened the Trust’s ability to increase its art education revenue whilst continuing to deliver the community a vastly improved level of educational service.

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