Riverhead School

Riverhead School

A long-time client of Pacific Environments, we have worked with the Principal of Riverhead School to Master Plan the school for growth while retaining the school’s field space.

Working from our original master plan for the school, and in an effort to preserve the schools existing green space, we were asked to design a twelve-class block, incorporating an administration area and staff facilities while retaining all of the existing school space active.

The design solution was to construct the new block behind the existing classroom block and administration on an existing carpark. Once completed, the existing classrooms and administration were able to be demolished to allow increased playground space and carparking. Innovative learning environments were exploited in the design and we were able to include a learning stair linking two of these spaces. Playful reading alcoves were introduced under this stair and a circular breakout space (a result of student input) was introduced in one of the learning areas.

Community engagement sessions were held with the teachers, students, Board of Trustees, local community, and the design team to inform the design of this building. These meetings led to the concept designs which were brought back to these groups for further feedback. These groups were also kept up to date with progress throughout the design phases of the project.

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