6 Basque Road

6 Basque Road

The Pacific Environments office on Basque Road, Eden Terrace were an opportunity to put our money where our mouth is in terms of Environmentally Sustainable Design. Our mission was to design a healthy space that the team enjoyed working in. The result? A sleek, contemporary building that provides natural light and cross-flow ventilation. High ceilings create a sense of openness. The outlook from the balcony brings in the mature trees to the north. A real refuge in the city!

Open plan for open communication

The open plan office space has a direct effect on team culture and wellbeing. Best described as an egalitarian environment, there are no private offices, the directors and wider team share the same areas, encouraging communication, collaboration and social interaction.

Reduced running costs

The combination of passive ventilation from opening windows, and large ceiling fans keep the office cool in summer. There is limited need for the two domestic sized heatpumps. High windows on the north eastern walls allow plenty of natural light into office, without creating glare.


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