Ngāti Ōtara Park Multisport Clubrooms

Ngāti Ōtara Park Multisport Clubrooms

The new Ngāti Ōtara Multi-sport facility replaces the existing sports clubrooms, home to the Scorpions League Club.

Rugby league, netball, tag, kilikiti and rugby make use of the large fields, in total over 100 teams use the clubrooms and sports feilds. The new buildings have the capacity to grow as the sporting community grows and allow small enterprises such a laundromat to run so they can be self-sustaining. The clubroom includes spaces for community meetings and education as well as facilities for hospitality and team/group changing rooms.

Commenting on the design, Ōtara Scorpions Rugby League Club chairman Willie Maea says it will only enhance the sports-mad area, stating “it’s going to add to the confidence [that people have in the area] as well as add to the community’s engagement in what we offer here. For them to see a brand-new building, it’s going to be a beacon for this area.”

A real hands-on project, our Architectural team member Mat joined artist Tessa Harris weaving the feature Tukutuku panels on the façade.

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